Personal and Community Connections Matter

There’s a way within every person that we can establish, build, and sustain intentional connections to the things that matter most to us. These connections can help us when we’re sad, frustrated, lonely, or suffering. They can help us survive.

Working in all the communities with all the people I have, there’ve been nonstop stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things despite dreary circumstances. All these people had one thing in common: they had those lasting connections within themselves, as well as to the world around the. I call that sustained connection engagement.

Our engagements are born from each person’s inherent wisdom, that part of us that intuitively knows that everything everywhere is connected all the time, whether or not we acknowledge it. That part of us- and all things- is what I call Heartspace. I have consistently seen people rely on Heartspace to become bigger than themselves and more spectacular than they’d ever known they could be.

Heartspace rewards us for knowing it. It rewards us with love- and not the sentimental bosh, either. Instead, it’s the warm, deep, sincere stuff that allows us to rest secure in the reality that it’s all good, right now. Because it should be no other way when we’re connected to all things everywhere all the time. Ahhh…

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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