There Are No Conditions

In the cliche world of self-help, it’s often said there are no conditions to true love. This is true of our connections in the world and within ourselves, too, no matter what they are. In the place where they happen, Heartspace, there are no conditions.

I’m sitting in the heat of a warm Pacific Northwest summer Saturday. The sun is beaming onto my lawn, and my flower gardens are dancing with the nurturing wisps of honeybees and bumblebees doing their day labor. My child is playing calmly in the shade garden, whipping around a bamboo rod and narrating a pleasant story of some sort. She’s just loud enough for me to know she’s there. Our cat is meandering through the grass, munching on the occasional chute.

I am connected to all of this in deep ways. There are no conditions for my connections. I don’t absolutely need my daughter to do anything in particular; yet, I’m deeply connected to her. I don’t totally need this yard; yet, I’m deeply connected to it. These two connections are not the same, and they vary by degrees, but there are no conditions for either one.

In the place where you make connections to the world around you, there are no conditions. Instead, there are only opportunities for you to personally engage with whatever you want. No right or wrong, good or bad, up or down matter here. Instead, it’s all about whether you see your connections or not, whether you see Heartspace or not. A spectacular thing about Heartspace is that it doesn’t require belief or even acknowledgment. Whether or not we’re engaged in Heartspace, its always going to be there. That’s the essence of there being no conditions.

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