Finding Your Purpose and Passion

stars22And today it became clear again that this life I live and the livelihood I pursue so vigorously is about one thing: I work to foster a world where people live their purpose and passion through engagement. I teach people, I educate communities, I coach agencies, I consult organizations and I write for the world focused on the question of purpose and passion, and how engagement happens.

I believe that within every person everywhere is the possibility of purpose and the fierce urgency of passion, yearning to zip and zoom forth from our fingertips and towards the world. This purpose and passion has no bounds, and once we start to live with it we start to live with ourselves in the highest, most meaningful ways.

For 25 years, I have been tutoring, mentoring, teaching, training, consulting, writing, preaching, speaking, coaching, dreaming, building, demolishing and nurturing this sense of ability within myself, and in community with others. Its been exciting work, especially focused on children and youth who are often excitedly searching for the answers to the questions of purpose and passion for themselves.

Here are a few questions you might ask yourself about finding your purpose and passion:

  • What do you feel passionate about right now?
  • Where do you find the most purpose in your life?
  • Who recharges your batteries the most?
  • What brings you to life and animates your hands when they’re numb?
  • Can you make a living from the things you’re passionate about?
  • How or why not?
  • Are you surrounded by people who lift up your purpose and passion?
  • Do you lift up others’ purpose and passion?

Stay with me on this journey – we’re going awesome places!


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