3 thoughts on “Full Personhood for All

  1. “Recognized as self-driven learners from their earliest years, all young people everywhere will be in charge of their own learning, and because of that, every single student will be completely motivated and surely empowered to initiate, drive, fulfill, and complete education to their own satisfaction.”

    This exists today at Sudbury Valley School!


  2. How beautifully put. At SVS we feel the same way — we produce students who will be thoughtful, caring, careful stewards of tomorrows world. One at a time, but they are powerful!


  3. Yes it does exist at the Sudbury Valley School and this has been the case since 1968! This school that exemplifies independence, self direction, respect for all (and their individual interests and activities), …will begin its 50th year of operation in September 2017. Check it out at http://www.sudval.org.


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