Student Engagement Through Meaningful Student Involvement

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Student Engagement Through Meaningful Student Involvement

Student engagement happens when students choose to do the same things everyday on their own. Despite everything we try, teacher facilitators can’t force students to be engaged! Instead, its their own motivation, emotions, ideas and actions that get them onboard and keep them invested.

After working with more than hundreds of K-12 schools worldwide on Meaningful Student Involvement, I have learned a LOT about how student engagement works.

3 Tips for Everyday Student Engagement

Here are three simple tips you can follow to support everyday student engagement:

  1. Acknowledge All Feelings. Let students feel their feelings in your class. It made be hard to see frustration or exciting to see happiness, but both are valid as students go through the GenYES curriculum.
  2. Encourage Personal Ownership. Students are definitely engaged when they take ownership of their learning. GenYES encourages learners to feel ownership of their lessons, activities, and reflections throughout the curriculum. Facilitators are key to opening the doors to that ownership by allowing and supporting personal ownership.
  3. Facilitate Meaningful Reflection. Its not enough to learn and do–we have to think about it, too. Active and fun reflection opportunities empower students to own their learning by applying it beyond the classroom and throughout their lives. Learn new ways to meaningfully reflect with students.

Supporting student engagement through Meaningful Student Involvement can push you to become a more effective facilitator, a more powerful teacher, and a better person!

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