Spheres of Engagement

Spheres of Engagement Adam Fletcher
These are the Spheres of Engagement, including Family engagement, Community engagement, Cultural engagement, School engagement, Spiritual engagement and Social engagement, all surrounding Personal engagement. Copyright 2012 Adam Fletcher. All rights reserved.

These are the Spheres of Engagement:

  • Family engagement: Choosing the same things intentionally where we live everyday
  • Community engagement: Surrounded by people who share purpose in a variety of ways
  • Cultural engagement: Being deliberately connected with heritage, customs and history in our lives
  • School engagement: Connecting with action and outcomes to increase learning on purpose
  • Spiritual engagement: Finding passion and belonging within ourselves for greater purposes
  • Social engagement: Seeing beyond our individual selves to connect with the greater world around us

Our opportunities to choose the same things over and over provide is a hundred thousand million Spheres of Engagement that endlessly overlap towards infinity, showing the unstoppable, unfathomable sustainability of all things. There is no limit to the ways we picture our engagement.

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