Meaningful Student Involvement in Under-Resourced Schools

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Meaningful Student Involvement in Under-Resourced Schools

As more schools nationwide realize the power of Meaningful Student Involvement, unfortunately many are still being left behind. For many reasons, under-resourced schools often don’t harness the unique abilities of students to meet their own tech needs, the needs of their peers and teachers, and their seemingly unlimited capacity to learn and grow through technology.

What makes Meaningful Student Involvement so powerful? I’ve been championing the Student Voice Movement for more than 20 years, and during that time I have supported more than 2,500 schools to create generations of Meaningful Student Involvement. This puts me in the position of being international leaders in the student voice movement.

Because of this experience and our vast research on the subject, I am able to report definitively that there are seven unique skills that make up the power of Meaningful Student Involvement.

They are:

  • Focus
  • Tech Literacy
  •  Self-Leadership
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Innovative & Critical Thinking
  • Creative & Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving & Change Management

Meaningful Student Involvement positions students to build these skills in ways that no other approach to education does.

Free Student Voice Resources

Through SoundOut, I’ve created several free student voice resources for schools. Here is a list.

I would love to share more. What does YOUR under-resourced school need to building Meaningful Student Involvement? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

My Availability

I am excited to get this powerful learning into the hands of educators and students in under-served schools around the world. I partner in grant-funded projects to foster the support, opportunities and excitement these schools need to be effective and to excel through Meaningful Student Involvement.

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