Freechild Institute Youth Action Program

Young People Can, Should, and Must Change the World.

The Freechild Institute Youth Action Program can be adapted anywhere to build community, foster social change, and provide youth with opportunities to apply their learning.

The Freechild Youth Action Program is a tool educators and youth workers can use to engage youth as partners in social change. In this program, youth study three priorities for communities:

  • Community building
  • Positive, powerful social change
  • Applied learning for youth


Youth examine these priorities in eight units comprising 24 workshops that are at least 50 minutes long. Beyond the first two units examining Youth Engagement and Social Change, each unit is self-standing, meaning facilitators can pick and choose which units they would like to use without fear of missing critical content. Learning practical skills and meaningful knowledge, youth gain the power and develop opportunities for themselves to make a difference in their own lives and throughout their communities.

More than 25 communities across the United States have used the Freechild Institute’s Youth Action curriculum. Freechild facilitators have successfully implemented the program with a variety of youth programs and clubs, including those focused on leadership, advisory, community service, culminating projects, future careers, and government agencies. Parts of the program have also been met with great enthusiasm from diverse youth, nontraditional youth leaders and English language learners, as well as having been facilitated by others in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Australia.

Program Features

  • Online Program Facilitator Training
  • Facilitator Handbook
  • 24 Lesson Plans
  • Handouts
  • Interactive Learning Activities
  • Summary Learning Demonstration Project

Program Units

  • Basics Of Youth Engagement
  • Basics Of Social Change
  • Youth As Researchers
  • Youth As Planners  
  • Youth As Facilitators
  • Youth As Evaluators
  • Youth As Decision-Makers
  • Youth As Advocates


Freechild Institute Logic Model, © 2022, all rights reserved.

Since 2001, the Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement has provided training, tools, and technical assistance to support youth-led social change around the world. As the co-founder and director of Freechild, Adam F.C. Fletcher provide nonprofits, government agencies, community groups and other organizations with the resources they need to build youth voice, support meaningful youth involvement, and empower the next generation of young people changing the world.


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