New! Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change, 2nd Edition

Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change, Second Edition, by Adam F.C. Fletcher, Kari Kunst and Alyssa Elwell. (c)2022 All rights reserved.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been sharing the games I love with people in my Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change that I wrote with former Freechild Project Director Kari Kunst. In this new edition, I worked with a youth consultant named Alyssa Elwell to update the format, add some activities and make the whole thing easier to use.

Throughout the booklet, you’ll find five types of games: Icebreakers, trustbuilders, initiative games, “funners,” and “closers,” as well as useful facilitation tips and more. Each section is written succinctly, and each game is presented with clear instructions.

This publication is completely free, and I share it here to promote good practice in youth-serving organizations. If you’re interested, I offer train-the-trainer workshops and more related activities—contact me for details.

I hope you’ll download it, share it, and use it often! Please let me know what you think, and share your thoughts, ideas, uses, and more in the comments section!

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