Top Youth Speaker Adam F.C. Fletcher

Engaging youth can be hard! Adam F.C. Fletcher is a dynamic, engaging and powerful speaker whose presence, purpose and passion excites, motivates and encourages youth to take action and change the world! If your youth conference, school, movement or event needs a special speaker who caters to youth and their interests, needs, abilities and issues, Adam is your top youth speaker!

Adam F.C. Fletcher…

  • Career: Consultant, Speaker and Author
  • Specializes in: Youth changing the world
  • Travels from: Oregon
  • In-Person Fee: $7,500 to $10,000
  • Virtual Fee: Please inquire

Topics include…

  • Purpose, Passion and Power
  • Your Engagement in Everything
  • Change Your Life & The World
  • Being a Border Crosser
  • From Being Called “Trouble” to Becoming Good Trouble

Past Appearances

This is a list of select past keynotes, speeches and other public appearances by Adam F.C. Fletcher.

  • Unraveling Racism, Anti-Defamation League of the Plains States, Omaha, NE (2021)
  • Australia Student Voice Symposium, Australia Education Research Association, Sydney, Australia (2021)
  • New Mexico Spring Advanced Placement Workshops (2021)
  • Linden School District Staff Kickoff, Linden, NJ (2021)
  • North Seattle Community College Staff Development Day, Seattle, WA (2019)
  • Mockingbird Society Staff Retreat, Seattle, WA (2019)
  • Community Development Journal Thinkery, London, UK (2019)
  • Community Organisers Youth Residential, London, UK (2019)
  • Preston Youth Movement, Preston, UK (2019)
  • Teens Care Too! Youth Summit, Vancouver, Washington (2018)
  • San Rafael Schools School District Student Voice Summit, San Rafael, California (2018)
  • Guega County Youth Prevention Leadership Conference, Painseville, OH (2018)
  • Madison Student Engagement Conference, Madison, Wisconsin (2018)
  • Michigan Association of School Boards Students on School Board Events, Lansing, Michigan (2018)
  • Antioch University Friends of Education Speaker Series, Los Angeles, California (2018)
  • San Rafael School District Student Voice Summit, San Rafael, California (2017)
  • CYFAR Workshop, Alexandria, Virginia (2017)
  • Georgia Network to End Sexual Abuse Statewide Sexual Violence Prevention Summit, Buford, Georgia (2016)
  • Georgia Afterschool Youth Development Conference, Savannah, Georgia (2016)
  • Youth Employment Summit, Lincoln, Nebraska (2016)
  • Arizona Dairy Council/Arizona Cardinals Fuel Up to Play 60 Youth Leadership Summit, Phoenix, Arizona (2016)
  • Marin County Youth Empowerment Summit, San Rafael, California (2016)
  • Alberta School Boards Association Annual Conference, Edmonton, Alberta (2015)
  • Youth Collaboratory, Baltimore, Maryland (2014)
  • CENPEC – Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action, São Paulo, Brazil (2014)
  • United Way of Allegheny County – APOST Youth Worker Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2014)
  • Green River Regional Education Collaborative kid FRIENDLY Race To The Top Conference, Lexington, Kentucky (2014)
  • Project-Based Learning Conference, Seattle, Washington (2014)
  • North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center, Inc. (2013)
  • Washington State Youth Summit, Everett, Washington (2013)
  • Parks and Recreation Department Teen Services Division, Bellevue, Washington (2013)
  • Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, Washington (2013)
  • College Success Foundation, Bellingham, Washington (2013)
  • Parks and Recreation Youth Event, Tukwila, Washington (2012)
  • Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County, Tumwater, Washington (2012)
  • Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic 21st Century Community Learning Center Conference, Yakima, Washington (2012)
  • Arizona Department of Education Coordinated School Health (2012)
  • Seattle Seahawks/Seattle Sounders Youth Leadership Conference, Seattle, Washington (2011)
  • YMCA Youth Council Summit, Auburn, Washington (2011)
  • Eastern Washington University Child Studies Department, Cheney, Washington (2011)
  • Catalyst Miami Youth Engagement Seminar, Miami, Florida (2011)
  • Arizona Dairy Council Conference, Phoenix, Arizona (2011)
  • Action For Healthy Kids Conference, Nashua, New Hampshire (2011)
  • City Council Presentation, Ephrata, Washington (2011)
  • Manchester Youth Commission, Manchester, Connecticut (2010)
  • Imagine Miami Meaningful Youth Engagement Workshop, Miami, Florida (2010)
  • Thurston County Youth Workers Summit, Olympia, Washington (2010)
  • American Institutes for Research Technical Assistance Program Conference, Washington, DC (2010)
  • White River High School Martin Luther King, Jr Summit, Randle, Washington (2010)
  • Santa Barbara County Service Learning Conference (2010)
  • Washington Recreation and Parks Association Policy Conference, Olympia, Washington (2010)
  • Baltimore Mental Health Systems, Baltimore, Maryland (2009)
  • Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together Conference, Burlington, Vermont (2009)
  • Alberta Ministry of Education Student Engagement Conference, Edmonton, Alberta (2009)
  • Teen Leadership Council Event, Burien, Washington (2009)
  • Sumner School District Community Building Summit, Sumner, Washington (2008)
  • New York State Student Support Services Center Safe and Supportive Schools Conference, LeRoy, New York (2007)
  • University of Washington GEAR UP Program Conference, Seattle, Washington (2007)
  • Seattle Public Schools Service Learning Symposium, Seattle, Washington (2007)
  • Suncoast EarthForce Youth Rally, Tampa, Florida (2006)
  • New York State Student Support Services Center, Albany, New York (2006)
  • EarthForce Educator Empowerment Conference, Denver, Colorado (2006)
  • Alternatives, Inc. Youth Rally, Hampton Roads, Virginia (2005)
  • Penny Harvest Conference, Seattle, Washington (2005)
  • Pierce County Prevention Program (2005)
  • University of Washington College of Education, Seattle, Washington (2005)
  • Pinnacle Charter School, Denver, Colorado (2005)
  • New York State Student Support Services Center Educator Training, LeRoy, New York (2005)
  • United Nations Development Program, São Paulo, Brazil (2004)
  • Small Schools Conference, Seattle, Washington (2004)
  • Washington State Commission for Community and National Service, Seattle, Washington (2002)
  • Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, Washington (2003)
  • Nebraska Commission on Community and National Service, Lincoln, Nebraska (1998)

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