21st Century Community Learning Centers

For several years, Adam contracted with the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to facilitate professional development sessions for educators involved in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers across the state. Today, Adam trained many 21CCLC sites across the United States.

Adam focuses on three subjects for 21CCLC. They are:

  • Student Voice 101 – Understanding the basics of student voice can be challenging for 21CCLC programs. In this session, Adam Fletcher uses his The Guide to Student Voice to teach participants Who student voice is for, What student voice can do, Why student voice matters, Where and When student voice happens, and How student voice can transform their activities. This session is very hands-on, interactive, and practical, and uses reflection, group work, and examples to show how student voice can improve learning, teaching, and leadership for all students.
  • An Introduction to Youth-Driven Programming – Focused on practical action, this workshop teaches 21CCLC programs how to take Youth Voice and Choice to the next level! Focusing on Adam’s Youth-Driven Programming Guide, this workshop shares powerful tools, meaningful tips and hints, and substantive planning tools. Practitioners utilizing this approach consistently claim the highest levels of success with voice and choice, and this workshop will show why.
  • Teacher Sustainability  – Working with educators who were committed to adapting and surviving in their programs, Adam conducts train-the-teacher sessions focused on self-sustainability. Walking through personal engagement, Adam facilitates different approaches for self-care and to prepare educators for different challenges that may come up in 21CCLC.

For more info about what Adam can do for your 21st Century Community Learning Center program, contact him today »

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