Talk To Your Teen About Youth Engagement

With one election cycle over and another unfortunately beginning early, young people are taking in more heinous news, views and ideas about their engagement than ever before. Pundits, critics and “advocates” are sharing a rash of stories and research from dubious places like never before via professional newsletters and emails. F

amilies need to find the truth, but how can they do that?

I suggest asking the following questions when discussing popular messaging around youth engagement:

● Who are the people discussing youth engagement?

● What do you think their angle is?

● What do you think their message is?

● Are they a mental health professional, a politician, or are they trying to sell you something?

● Are they promoting youth engagement program or a research study that they are hyping?

Talking to tweens and teens about this throughout the season — and at any time — brings youth engagement to the forefront and makes it easier for your family to share their inner thoughts with you.

That’s how we get to the truth about youth engagement!

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Published by Adam F.C. Fletcher

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