Finding Youth in Democracy

What do home, school, friends’ houses, after school programs, work, the Internet, gaming, government programs, and social media all have in common? They are all places where youth can experience democracy!

We need to teach youth about democracy right now, immediately and everyday, so that we have a strong, powerful and healthy democratic today and in the future.

  • Think it’s already happening?
  • What it to happen more?
  • Need to learn how to help it happen?

I’ve just finished writing a new book called Democracy Deficit Disorder: Learning Democracy with the Next Generation with the spectacular Cynthia McDermott where we explore all of this. It’s the most substantial work I’ve finished to date, and I’m excited to share it with the world.

Starting immediately, I am available to speak and train about this and so much more! Please contact me to learn more.

Democracy Deficit Disorder: Learning Democracy with the Next Generation is being published by Peter Lang, an international academic publisher, and will be shared at the 2023 AERA Annual Meeting. Additional ordering information will be available soon.

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