For ‎Maestro Gabriel García Márquez in his convalescence.

Scene One

The A Train clamors
lurching to a stop
No diamonds, just coal

“Ma’am, excuse me, ma’am!”
Hailing hat held high
Tapped you on the arm

Exchanged words
Parting head bobs
Fleeting glances

Scene Two

E Train to 111th St
Walk south
Hall of Science to admissions

Andean bears, parrots
alligators, coyotes, sea lion
Exotic, until I saw you

Warm smile, recognition
“Hi, how are you?”
Wave, approach

I didn’t know
‎”La sabiduría nos llega cuando
ya no nos sirve de nada.”

Scene Three

Le Bernardin
lobster carpaccio for you
Black forest to share afterwards

“I love you”
A ring in champagne
Kisses, warm glee

All night
Smiles didn’t stop
Carriage ended too soon

Scene Four

A Train clamors
lurching to a stop
My eyes crusted open

Looking around
No you
I stand dazed

Stepping onto platform concrete
The world is harder now
Without your visage


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