Action for Healthy Kids


From 2008 to 2010, I served as a voluntary chairperson for Washington Action For Healthy Kids. As the state-level chapter leader of a national organization founded by former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, I was responsible for coordinating activities focused on child nutrition and physical education in schools across Washington. I also served as the volunteer coordinator of the state’s Students Taking Charge program, supervising $20,000 in grants to high schools statewide to engage students as advocates focused on improving their student health in their schools.

Adam Fletcher on a panel at a national Action For Healthy Kids event.

From 2010 to 2011, the national Action For Healthy Kids office contracted me as Washington’s professional coordinator. In addition to continuing my coordination and grant administration activities, I also reconfigured state and local-level leadership to focus on grassroots activism and student engagement. Facilitating a series of training events across the state, I also provided regular technical assistance to regional activists. The national organization also contracted me to write a proposal for a national youth advisory board, and to provide speeches at state and national events.

In 2011, Action For Healthy Kids named me a “Healthy Schools Hero” for my service to the organization.


“Adam has many skills that offer him a diversity in many areas of education, health/wellness education, school health systems, and youth development. He is also skilled with providing professional development to school and afterschool staff. His style is more interactive; and his style is as a facilitator that guides the learning process instead of telling you what you should know. The content of his trainings have been applicable with strategies that allow the learner to make adjustments for their own instructional or leadership style.” – Racie McKee, Action for Healthy Kids Project Director at Omak School District



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