Adam Fletcher’s Services

Learning through FUN is just ONE thing Adam Fletcher does! Learning more at

I am hired to work with clients and collaborators on a variety of topics in several ways. Contact me right now.


As a high-energy, motivational expert, I share life stories, professional learning, and strategic thinking with educators, youth workers, elected officials, businesspeople, parents, youth and many others in conferences, retreats, schools, and other settings.


I serve as an external consultant to local and national projects focused on strategic visioning, organizational process, program design, and campaign implementation.


Facilitating interactive, engaging learning opportunities, my sessions are hands-on, interactive events filled with powerful learning, deep impact and lasting outcomes.

Online Training

Using the power of the Internet, I work with individuals, small groups and other events to facilitate engaging, dynamic online training focused on topics of your choosing!

Freelance Writing

I specialize in writing vibrant, exciting publications for a variety of audiences. Research, technical writing, creative nonfiction, and blogging are part of my array of services.


My professional and personal coaching focus on personal engagement, youth engagement, and community engagement for mid- and high-level managers in nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, and other settings.