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Since 1997, I have provided customized consulting services for more than 300 education, nonprofits, and government agencies. My consulting services will help your employees excel in their work and can create a more positive environment throughout your organization.


I work with individual K-12 schools, districts and state agencies to provide customized professional development and coaching services that improve student engagement, student voice, and student leadership. I work with schools to rise to the next level through coaching, and professional development focused on school culture.

I spend time in the classroom one-on-one with teachers or with small groups helping them apply skills in the environment in which they are most comfortable: their own classroom. By assessing what tools are available in the classroom, I then help teachers apply those tools to the fullest extent to foster deeper student engagement and more purposeful student voice.  I provide group facilitation in an engaging, fun and productive style. Whether you need assistance with a small group or large, I can provide you with the support you need.

Nonprofits and Government Agencies

I work with organizations to provide customized consulting services that help employees foster client engagement so that organizations achieve better results. Through coaching, training, workshop design and delivery, organizational analysis, and solution design, I will partner with you to foster more engaging roles for everyone in your organization.

My deep education and experience diverse engagement strategies has given me unique skills to align organizational goals and objectives with real community needs. Through my experiences in a variety of organizations and my participation in many different communities of practice, I bring a unique perspective to organizational development. With a specific focus on engagement in action, I can help your nonprofit or government agency engage people and change the world.

Live Engaged

I now offer Live Engaged Consulting and Coaching services! Services range from individual and group coaching to motivational seminars. Contact me today to find what best fits your personal needs and the needs of your organization and community. Whether you are a small nonprofit, school, large agency or something in between, the information in this training will start you on the journey to achieving better results.


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