As a consultant, speaker, trainer and writer, Adam Fletcher has served the fields of community engagement, youth engagement and student voice for more than a decade. Following are his projects addressing these issues.

Freechild Institute

The is the banner for Freechild Institute at

As the founder and director of Freechild, Adam F.C. Fletcher has established, built, supervised and promoted an international effort to foster social change led by and with young people. Facilitating more than 250 workshops, writing dozens of publications, and building a massive online database have highlighted Adam’s campaign. Freechild has included an advisory board with more than two dozen members, program staff, contract trainers, and interns in several countries. Learn more on the Freechild Institute website.


SoundOut for Meaningful Student Involvement

With the goal of building an international movement to support student voice, I founded and direct SoundOut. I have delivered conference keynotes, presentations, retreats, staff professional development and more for thousands of educators and students across the United States and Canada. I have also written for publications internationally and built a massive online resource center. Learn more on the SoundOut website.



A lot of people look around and see the world dying, as intimate communities are falling apart, support systems aren’t responsive, and personal relationships are in tatters. But where some people see only destructive fragments, others see a new world emerging. The new world is built on sustainable connections and empowered realities. That’s where CommonAction comes in. Our work spans around the world, partnering with agencies and businesses committed to engaging more people more effectively, everywhere, all of the time! Our work is focused on skill-building, knowledge-sharing, attitudes and habits, and cultural enrichment that harbors new ways of being and doing throughout our communities. Learn more on the CommonAction website.

North Omaha History

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North Omaha is a community in Nebraska, and this website is meant to explore the history of the community where I grew up. It features the people, places and events that make this area of Omaha great today. Learn more on the North Omaha History website.

Personal Engagement

Personal engagement is the sustained connection a person has to the world within themselves. Learn more from my Personal Engagement Tip Sheets.

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