Book Reviews

This is praise people have shared about my various books and publications.

Praise for Ending Discrimination Against Young People

Ending Discrimination Against Young People

“Having been an educator and working with youth for over 20 years, I have always considered myself an advocate for youth. This book really opened my eyes as to how deep rooted this discrimination is and how most of us don’t even give it a second thought. Anyone working with young people should absolutely read this book. It is an essential understanding for the change we wish to see in our education system today.”—Donna Mikkelsen, founder of The Garden Road School, Crompond, NY


“Adam Fletcher provides an expert look at the revolutionary idea that youth endure, and are harmed by, pervasive age discrimination and supplies supportive advice on how young people and their adult allies can work against it in their daily lives. His perspective as an activist/youth worker/educator (pick whichever one you think is best), a father, and a former young person inform this excellent addition to the youth rights library.”—Alex Koroknay-Palicz, former executive director of the National Youth Rights Association, Takoma Park, MD


“I loved it. The departure from the typical academic perspective combined with the invested wisdom brings it together well.”— Jabreel Chisley, 18 year old virtual schooled student and community organizer, Institute for Democratic Education in America, Euclid, OH


“After reading this book, I have to believe youth discrimination is a part of everyone’s life. When you’re 20, you are an adult but society refuses to recognize you as one. That’s not fair, and its making our priorities messed up. After reading this book, I’m going to do something about that!”—Emily Richardson, young person, Omaha, NE


“This book was really eye-opening and left me with a lot to think about. Now that I understand what adultism is, I can see examples of it in my life and the world around me. I want to be a different kind of parent who gives my kids more appropriate choices.”—Julian Apilado Lilienthal, mother of two, Deming, NM


“[Fletcher’s] fluid writing makes complicated realities easy to see. Now, I understand the role I have as a parent in youth discrimination. I’ll be a better parent and teacher for my daughters because of this book.”—Elva Ahlstrom, homeschooling mother of four, Caroline, Alberta, Canada


Praise for The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide


The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide

“The Youth-Driven Programming Guide is a must read for youth workers in all settings. Author Adam Fletcher does a tremendous job of getting straight to the point with a clear message in a concise format that even the busiest of youth workers will be able to make time to read. We recommend this for those of you who are just starting fresh with a new youth program AND for those of you who have been working with youth for decades. We operate a Parks & Recreation related youth program that provides multiple youth after school program sites, late night events, a series of dances, and a Youth Commission. This guide is the newest required reading for all volunteers and staff within our program.—Paul Simmons, Parks and Recreation Director, Cheney, Washington 


“The book I purchased was to work with a groups of young people in Preston, Lancashire, England to work with young people to have a real voice in decision making in our Impact Youth Groups, co-working with young people training to be Youth Workers and my work in schools and justice projects. The book is an excellent informal education tool in planning your work young people, supporting the work you, developed with young people in a simple understanding education tool, creates fun in learning, while young people can be given a real voice with support, in their social education learning and decision making experiences.”—Terry Mattinson, youth worker, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom


Praise for Meaningful Student Involvement Guide to Students as Partners


Meaningful Student Involvement Guide to Students as Partners in School Change

“Adam’s youth-adult partnership framework has served as a foundation for the Vermont Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together initiative. He stands alone in publishing user-friendly materials which can be used to explore this key concept. Adam is passionate about this work and inspires others with his commitment.”Helen Beattie, Executive Director, UP 4 Learning/YATST, Burlington, Vermont