Adultism is a primary assumption in western culture. Commonly defined as discrimination against youth, I believe adultism is also bias towards adults, and the addiction to adults. This reality is the basis for many laws, customs, and beliefs in our society, and slowly, steadily betrays both the adults and young people it affects most.

Adultism drives almost every aspect of a young person’s life, including the view of who young people are. It doesn’t just affect young people either; the effects of adultism last from the time a person is a baby until they die. Every time we interact with children or youth we are affected by adultism. They don’t have to be present, either, as adultism is reflected in our attitudes, opinions, and thoughts about childhood and adolescence.

The Freechild Project has been promoting awareness of adultism for more than a decade. Using the internet, training workshops, and publications, I have sought to teach, advocate, and activate a generation of young people and their adult allies to take action. It has worked, and today, more than ever before, the struggle against adultism and towards youth integration throughout society is underway. These are exciting times! Learn more about adultism at from this video or at


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Order FACING ADULTISM by Freechild founder Adam Fletcher at
Order FACING ADULTISM by Freechild founder Adam Fletcher!

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