And… he’s back.

Hey there kind readers. Just thought I’d let you know that these last few weeks have been full of transitions as I decided to move back to Olympia from New York. So I have wrapped up my work with Learner-Centered Initiatives, started a fellowship with Cloud Institute, donated all of my NYC furniture and drove solo back to Olympia over the last 3 1/2 days.

I am still determined to land work within another organization. Thoughts of consulting, writing and training fill my head like sugarplums in Xmas songs, but I just don’t see any “bread and butter” work coming through right now, so…

I’ve begun the job search here, and its interesting, to say the least. I’ve been labeled overqualified for several positions now, particularly in organizations that have training positions for their curricula. I think there’s concern about my allegiance to someone else’s work – but I’m not completely clear on that. On the other hand, the state jobs I’ve applied for, namely program manager-type work, has deemed me too inexperienced in handling large budgets or risk-management assessments. I did get back in time yesterday for an interview with a national organization based out of Portland where I could work here in the South South, so… we’ll see. If you know of any opportunities let me know.

Alas, I’m back on the corner, and that’s the important part for me. I am commited to raising my daughter in a healthy way, and in being close to the friends and community that have nurtured me so well. I am looking to reconnect and strengthen my relationships, so if any of my local hombres are up for tea let me know.

Special thanks to Margaret, Jimmy and Sue who all asked where my blogs are at – look for more soon. I’m thinking of touching on several risque topics within the next week – keep reading.

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