And Youth Go On…

Despite all the changes, all of the technologies, all the activities and all the news of the world, youth go on. Everything that I’ve read has shown me that young people have existed for all of time, whether recognized for their unique status in society or for their integral contributions to the good of the whole, youth have always been there.

I go on as well. Starting today I am rededicating this blog: Here I will continue to share, examine, critique and explore young people in the world today. Expect more of the same commentary, as well as news, links and other information about young people, youth activism, social change, student engagement and youth empowerment. If you think this has been whiley or critical in the past, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Look for more from here on out – and send me more, too. I’m willing to stand out if you’re reading. Thanks for that support.

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For almost two decades, Adam F. C. Fletcher has led international outreach focused on engaging people successfully. Working with thousands of youth-serving nonprofits, K-12 schools, government agencies, international NGOs and other organizations around the world, his work spans the fields of education, public health, economic development and social services, and includes professional development, public speaking, publishing, social media and more. He founded the Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement, SoundOut and CommonAction, as well as writing more than 50 publications and 500 articles. He has also established 150-plus community empowerment projects.

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