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Remembering Lois

This post is in memory of my friend Lois Brewer (1952-2020).

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Serving the School as Community

Originally published as:Fletcher, A. (2006) “SoundOut: Serving the school as community,” ServiceLine Journal 16 (1). Page 3. Olympia, WA: Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. The agenda of schools is routinely set by adults. “Educating the future workforce,” “Promoting abetter tomorrow,” and even, “Making a better democracy,” are all goals found plastered across […]

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Adam F.C. Fletcher Bibliography

This is a list of books, chapters for edited books, academic journal articles, magazine articles and other materials Adam F. C. Fletcher has written independently and for publishers.

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Different Ways to Change the World

This article is about different ways to change the world.

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King County Superior Court Parent Youth Connections Seminar

This is a case study about Adam Fletcher’s work in the King County Superior Court (Seattle, Washington).

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Seeing Poor People in the Pandemic

This is a post about being poor, and seeing poor people in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Shelter at Home with Youth Voice

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we’re being asked to shelter at home and socially distance ourselves from our friends, family and coworkers. Young people are suddenly without schools, the basis of many of their social networks, and they are constantly surrounded by their family. This is a new reality that demands adults learn how to shelter […]

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COVID-19 Strikes; Perspectives of Youth Tank

In the face of COVID-19, perspectives of youth are going down the drain. We need to fight that.

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How To Listen To Others

In order to be heard, we have to learn to listen. Listening can be simple, painless and easy; it can also be complex, painful and hard. Either way, we have to learn to listen if we want to get past just hearing what is being said. This is how to listen to others. Open my […]

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Seeking Solace in Work

Standing in the dark, cavernous sanctuary, I shouted from the stage into the midnight silence of the empty pews before me: “Man, I come here tonight to call you, share with you, connect with you and be with you, alone as I am, just to talk.” For the next three hours, I let loose with […]