Facing Adultism by Adam Fletcher

Facing Adultism by Adam Fletcher cover
  • Discover a grim reality facing all children and youth today called adultism.
  • Do you feel like society treats young people poorly?
  • Does youth empowerment appeal to you?

In Facing Adultism, Adam Fletcher talks straight about discrimination against young people, and pulls no punches as he lays out the realities of adultism today.

Originally published as Ending Discrimination Against Young People, in this book Fletcher lays out the details of adultism in all of its forms. Showing how adultism affects everyone, he shows the way for anyone who wants to defeat discrimination against young people. In these pages, you’ll learn what adultism is; where adultism happens; and how YOU can make a difference.

It can be rough out there for children and youth, and the ways we’re young shape our whole lives. You don’t have to be blind about adultism anymore, as this book shines the light like no other.

  • Title: Facing Adultism
  • Author: Adam Fletcher
  • Publisher: CommonAction Publishing
  • Date: October 2015
  • Pages: 218


Order FACING ADULTISM by Freechild founder Adam Fletcher at http://amzn.to/2noYclH