The Guide to Student Voice by Adam Fletcher

The Guide to Student Voice is now available!

Educators and students everywhere searching for a useful intro, easy tools and powerful outcomes for student voice need look no further: The Guide to Student Voice by Adam Fletcher is now available! After working with more than 300 K-12 schools across the US, Adam wrote this book to be a user-friendly into to a sophisticated subject. This book is useful for classes, training and professional development, and other activities where people want to learn the basics of student voice.


About the Author

An internationally-recognized consultant and speaker focused on student voice​,​ author​ Adam Fletcher has worked with schools, education agencies, and other organizations across the United States and Canada. ​He is the author the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum, The Practice of Youth Engagement and Student Voice Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook. His writing has also been published in education journals and magazines around the world.

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