August 2010 Newsletter

Hello Friends of CommonAction! This is a test to see if you like the idea of me putting out a monthly newsletter for CommonAction Consulting. It’s going to be a monthly summary of work that’s going on, including stuff for Freechild and SoundOut. If you like it, subscribe at! About CommonAction CommonAction Consulting isContinue reading “August 2010 Newsletter”

Activity: Pair Observations

The following activity is from Get Loud: Youth Engagement Workshop Guide by Adam Fletcher. Materials: NoneSpace: Enough for people to work in pairs.Time: 25 minutes 1. Introduce this activity by saying this exercise shows us how little we perceive even when we are supposedly paying focused attention on someone. Have the group divide into pairs (Person A andContinue reading “Activity: Pair Observations”

Activity: Feedback Techniques

The following is from Get Loud! Youth Engagement Workshop Guide by Adam Fletcher. Use the following model to provide practice giving and receiving feedback: I feel [feeling] when you [behavior] because [impact on you]. Instead of “You irresponsible jerk! Where were you yesterday? We can never count on you!” Try “I felt irritated when you didn’t show upContinue reading “Activity: Feedback Techniques”