A Moral and Ethical Responsibility (for Jackie)

Today I received another spectacular question from Jackie, an executive director of a nonprofit focused on youth involvement in the Northeast. Reflecting on the Freechild Project Measure of Social Change Led By and With Young People, Jackie made an important point about this work: …[I]f our goal is “all community members equally make decisions, takeContinue reading “A Moral and Ethical Responsibility (for Jackie)”

Questioning “Child-Friendly” Environments

All of the readers of this blog likely rank as “well-meaning,” in the sense that none of us wish ill in our work with young people. Now, its true that I hold some people in contempt of violating that trust, either consciously or unconsciously. Rather than being as bold as I was last week, IContinue reading “Questioning “Child-Friendly” Environments”

More on the Prevention Summit

I forgot to mention that these last two days I’ve been at the Washington Prevention Summit. The Summit, held annually for a long time, is a gathering of youth and adults who participate in alcohol and other drug prevention activities across the state. There is a hodgepodge of communities represented among the 700 participants here,Continue reading “More on the Prevention Summit”