Hearing Children’s Voices

In Washington, DC this week I had an excellent conversation with a child development worker named Ashley Keenan who works with the Parent Support Network of Rhode Island. Her work focuses on engaging children’s voices and creating opportunities for them to become meaningfully involved in Systems of Care, specifically for kids under 8. What spectacular work! Listening to her storiesContinue reading “Hearing Children’s Voices”

My Review of “Childhood” by David Jenks

Childhood was written by David Jenks. This is my review for The Freechild Project.   In Childhood Jenks stabs at the heart of sociology’s obsession with mythology, this time in the form of childhood. By providing a concise, if inaccessible, analysis of why and how sociologists, psychologists, and educators conceive of children, Jenks encourages a criticalContinue reading “My Review of “Childhood” by David Jenks”