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Leelah’s Murder Is OUR Fault

Leelah Alcorn’s death was practically a murder. It shows how America’s legal system, which enshrines parental rights above children’s rights, has killed another young person. More importantly though, we need to see that Leelah’s murder is our fault. We have not done enough, taught enough, said enough, or worked hard enough to stop this horror from happening. […]

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Help Promote Ending Discrimination Against Young People!

You know I’m not the most famous person in the world, right?!? I don’t have a publicist, and I want people to get a hold of my newest book, Ending Discrimination Against Young People. I need your help! If you want to pitch in, you can help me by helping get the word out. The biggest […]

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Expanding Children’s Rights in the US

Bound up in this ongoing conversation about youth engagement is the question of who has the right to be heard. In the United States, there are two distinct conversations that happen regarding the rights of children and youth; one is protective (Children’s Defense Fund) and the other is liberatory (National Youth Rights Association). Children’s Ombudsman […]

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Hearing Children’s Voices

In Washington, DC this week I had an excellent conversation with a child development worker named Ashley Keenan who works with the Parent Support Network of Rhode Island. Her work focuses on engaging children’s voices and creating opportunities for them to become meaningfully involved in Systems of Care, specifically for kids under 8. What spectacular work! Listening to her stories […]