Charter Schools Destroy Democracy

The story of charter schools in Washington State is intense. It spans several introductions in the Legislature, involves the voting down of the approach by citizens three times, is foisted up by education organizations and politicians bank-rolled by large foundations that are dismantling public schools across the United States, and generally disregards the education andContinue reading “Charter Schools Destroy Democracy”

Appreciating Public Service

Public school teachers, snow plow removal workers, legislators, government administrative staff… All y’all got my respect, simply because they work for the public. Every single person who works for the government in any capacity is due some amount of respect just because they work for the public. I learned the reality of public service asContinue reading “Appreciating Public Service”

Bill Ayers and Democratic Education

A colleague recently asked what I think about Bill Ayers and his role in democratic education. Bill Ayers, like all the education celebrities, offers the challenge of notoriety: if we could examine his role regardless of his history, his politics or anything else, whenever he opens his mouth he risks representing more than himself. Instead he suddenly becomes the voiceContinue reading “Bill Ayers and Democratic Education”