Youth Engagement in the Economy by Adam Fletcher

Over the last six months, I have written more than a dozen articles about youth engagement in the economy. For the first time, I’ve compiled them into a publication and added some important information. A Short Introduction to Youth Engagement in the Economy is a guide addressing youth employment, youth entrepreneurship, youth training, youth banking, youth programs, schoolContinue reading “Youth Engagement in the Economy by Adam Fletcher”

Why Youth Still Drop Out

Dingy water stains stared back at Michael in history class. For the tenth time this week, he was listening to a lecture in order to prepare for a test. He couldn’t take another minute if it weren’t Friday afternoon right before the beginning of summer break. Fortunately, he could make himself wait a few moreContinue reading “Why Youth Still Drop Out”

Student Voice and Dropouts

Dropping out of school can be one of the most powerful forms of student voice. As inconvenient as it may be for educators, administrators, and frustrated parents, dropping out can be the ultimate vote of no-confidence from a young person about their education. In the last few years, the topic of “dropout re-engagement” has becomeContinue reading “Student Voice and Dropouts”