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Youth Engagement Equalizer

Want to identify what skills you have that are good for engaging young people? Ready to learn where you can improve? Here’s a snapshot of my Youth Engagement Equalizer, a tool that I developed to challenge youth workers and others on how successful they can be at their jobs. I want to share it with […]

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What Is Youth Engagement?

Youth engagement happens when young people have sustained connections anywhere in their life. Youth engagement can happen throughout the lives of children and youth, including within themselves, in the immediate world around them, throughout society in general, and across the entirety of the world. The sustained connections they make can be emotional, psychological, or cognitive […]

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How Does Youth Engagement Happen?

“Engaged youth” are generally labeled that way because they are experiencing sustained connections in ways that adults approve or acknowledge. These young people are typically identified in places like schools, nonprofit youth programs, and athletic programs. Their engagement is generally awarded by adults with incentives, including good grades, certifications of participation, and varsity letters. “Disengaged […]

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Factors Affecting Youth Engagement

There are several factors that affect youth engagement. However, today’s popular forms of youth engagement generally don’t acknowledge those factors. Whether or not a young person is going to become engaged is determined by three things: Social and economic environment Physical environment, and Individual characteristics and behaviors The ways young people live determine their engagement. Because of […]

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When Will Adults Grow Up?

Today, The New York Times employed the opinions of Laurence Steinberg to answer the question, “When do kids become adults?” My question is about this article is, “When will adults grow up?” The “reality” of age-based segregation is eroding every day as since continuously shows that both childhood and adulthood are simply made-up constructs that have no practical place in […]

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Freedom Through Engagement

These days are all about being free and teaching others how to do the same. Not some jingoistic, anemic freedom, but depth of soul and meaning of life. This is really what I want. Throughout our lives we have countless opportunities to become more and more free. There is no person in Canada or the […]

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Free Youth Worker Coaching

Starting today, CommonAction Consulting, home of The Freechild Project and SoundOut, is offering free 30 minute coaching sessions to youth workers who are out of work or seeking new employment. Speaking directly with Adam Fletcher, the president of CommonAction and a 20-plus year veteran of the youth development field, participants can: Review their career aspirations […]


The Past Masquerading as the Present

The past masquerades as the present all the time when we’re looking at youth involvement efforts. In communities across the country there are youth advisory councils, youth forums (pdf) and other traditional and convenient forms of youth involvement acting as if they’re responsible and capable of expressing the diversity, power and ability of Youth Voice today. They […]