The Evolution of Society

Children and youth have been treated as apolitical and passive throughout time. They are viewed as immature, irrational, untamed, incapable, dependent, inexperienced, victims, compliant, under-developed, unacceptable, manipulable, unknowledgeable, compromised, uncultured, and unfinished for what seems like eons. Treated as less-than-human, non-members of society, and as adults-in-the-making, children and youth have experienced generations of indifference andContinue reading “The Evolution of Society”

The Developmental Reasons for Adultism

Childhood became predictable through adultism… Over the last few years I have spoke and trained extensively about adultism, which is bias towards adults, and subsequently, discrimination against young people. Here I explain the roots of adultism, and how they relate to changing the world. Note: All of this is based in broad generalizations, and thoseContinue reading “The Developmental Reasons for Adultism”