Letting Our Personal Histories Teach Us

Lately I’ve been diving back into history, and it increasingly strikes me that we have to teach more about this aspect of our lives and our work in community engagement.We owe a lot to history.   Whether we know it or not, young people and their adult allies who are calling for the world toContinue reading “Letting Our Personal Histories Teach Us”

History of Youth Action: 1930s to 1970s

As I continue studying the roles of young people throughout society, I find more places where the roots of youth voice, youth action, youth-led organizing, and civic youth engagement were growing a long time ago. After showing how these roots extend all the way into the Victorian Era, today I want to start in the 1930sContinue reading “History of Youth Action: 1930s to 1970s”

History of Youth Action: 1400 to 1880

Through my ongoing study of the roles of young people throughout society, including youth action, youth voice, youth involvement, and youth engagement, I have learned that we have seen children in a charitable light since the Victorian era, when they were first placed on a particular pedestal by the upper class. In this position, childrenContinue reading “History of Youth Action: 1400 to 1880”