Border-Crossing Youth Will Make A Difference

Following my dad into the arroyo, I imagined the Gerry cans filled with water. He’d just told me about his and Glenda’s past water drops for the migrants who used to travel up and down these creek beds. I imagined the groups I’d seen in the media, with working men, women and children huddled together […]

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Stop Excluding People

When programs are developed, many people can be excluded. Among youth programs, community nonprofits and government agencies frequently cater only to particular children and youth. Same with activist organizations helping particular adult populations, and businesses doing outreach in their demographics. Our society is built on this type of exclusion. In the name of social justice, […]

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A Spectrum of Engagement

There are places throughout our communities that engage us as people in things outside of ourselves that are larger than ourselves. Then there are other things people do that deeply engage us within ourselves. In popular culture that seems to pull us into those extremes constantly without attention to balancing our interests, it can be […]

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In Favor of Adultism?

Over at Wikipedia there’s a debate flaring over the article on adultism. Two trains of thought occur in this debate: one regarding the validity of the article and whether there are enough reliable sources in the article to make it a legitimate Wikipedia article; the second focused on the validity of adultism as a topic […]

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Wikipedia Articles

After spending three years and 100s of hours on the cause I am wrapping up my time served as a-lot-of-time Wikipedia editor. Contributing as “Freechild” and a few anonymous IP addresses, I have created more than 400 articles, including dozens about the issues I originally explored on the Freechild Project website. Following are some of […]

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Young People as Enviable

This is post 2 of 5 exploring popular perceptions of young people today. Marketers have spent more than a half century trying to convince consumers to buy the image of youth being a perfect time, filled with frivolity and carelessness. Literature portrays an idyllic time of life that is airy, unassuming and light. Pop music […]

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Volunteerism is Bad

My friend Sara wrote to me over the weekend with some great questions about volunteerism, and I want to share my response to her with you. She wrote: What in your personal experience is the catalyst from thought to action? Or is it backwards action then thought? In other words, what in the end is […]

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My Review of “Childhood” by David Jenks

Childhood was written by David Jenks. This is my review for The Freechild Project.   In Childhood Jenks stabs at the heart of sociology’s obsession with mythology, this time in the form of childhood. By providing a concise, if inaccessible, analysis of why and how sociologists, psychologists, and educators conceive of children, Jenks encourages a critical […]