Interviews about Freechild and Social Justice

Today, I answered a pair of interviews from students studying Freechild. The first came from Sopheak Va at Arizona State University, and follows here. 1. What exactly do you do at  The Freechild Project? Freechild provides training, tools and technical assistance to young people and adults working together to change the world. Our trainings are for K-12 schoolsContinue reading “Interviews about Freechild and Social Justice”

Scholastic Administrator Interview with Adam Fletcher

“Meet Your New Boss,” an article by Caralee Adams, is a rambling homage to what I have named Meaningful Student Involvement, and what she simply titled student input. Adams managed to interview almost every major figure in the student voice movement in the United States, including me. Working from the question, “Ever asked students toContinue reading “Scholastic Administrator Interview with Adam Fletcher”

Interview About Inspiring Youth

A high school student from Montana sent me a few interview questions last week, and I thought I’d share my answers with you. What would you consider the best way to inspire youth to become more active?After more than 20 years experience working and teaching adults how to inspire youth, I have learned the bestContinue reading “Interview About Inspiring Youth”