Part 1: New Juvenile Justice and Transformative Youth Engagement

Part 1: New Juvenile Justice and Transformative Youth Engagement Theft, vandalism, violence and other crimes plague communities across the United States today. Low-income neighborhoods, communities of color, rural towns and other areas around the nation are disproportionately affected by these realities. The young people who are needed to restore, replenish, reinvigorate and reimagine these placesContinue reading “Part 1: New Juvenile Justice and Transformative Youth Engagement”

Leelah’s Murder Is OUR Fault

Leelah Alcorn’s death was practically a murder. It shows how America’s legal system, which enshrines parental rights above children’s rights, has killed another young person. More importantly though, we need to see that Leelah’s murder is our fault. We have not done enough, taught enough, said enough, or worked hard enough to stop this horror from happening.Continue reading “Leelah’s Murder Is OUR Fault”

Federal Law and Student Involvement

Following are two juicy nuggets of law I’ve poached from this report regarding federal law and student involvement. 20 U.S.C. §6314(b)(2)(B)(ii) – Provides for appropriate student involvement in development of the Title I program plan in secondary schools, though with none of the specificity applicable to parents.  Provisions of the Perkins Act require local plan descriptionContinue reading “Federal Law and Student Involvement”