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Serving the School as Community

Originally published as:Fletcher, A. (2006) “SoundOut: Serving the school as community,” ServiceLine Journal 16 (1). Page 3. Olympia, WA: Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. The agenda of schools is routinely set by adults. “Educating the future workforce,” “Promoting abetter tomorrow,” and even, “Making a better democracy,” are all goals found plastered across […]

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Brain Research and Meaningful Student Involvement

There are fascinating intersections between brain research and Meaningful Student Involvement. Luckily, they are becoming clearer with time and more commitment from researchers. Brain research routinely shows that even the youngest of students have the capacity to participate in critical deconstruction of the learning activities, teaching styles, and curriculum content they’re taught. Research also shows that given increased opportunities to […]

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Student Voice Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook by Adam Fletcher

New for 2017! Student Voice ​Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook​ is the brand-new master​y​ book ​focused on student voice, student engagement, student/adult partnerships, and more.  Containing tons of details, this book is focused on engaging all students in every school as partners in every facet of education for the purpose of strengthening their commitment […]

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Command and Control Schools

Today, I toured a middle school in the region where I live. Listening to an adult school leader explaining the school to me, I heard several the cues that routinely concern me: “Our students don’t have problems” “We don’t allow students to have social time” “There is routine homework in every class, every day, all year […]

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Continuing to Learn from Meaningful Student Involvement

Since 2002, working through SoundOut, I have worked with more than 10,000 K-12 students and educators in schools across the United States and Canada. Over the last year, I have been a bit consumed by writing the Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook. Its my complete compendium of what I have learned about engaging students as partners throughout the […]

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Kentucky’s Student Voice Movement

In states across the U.S., there have been divergent efforts to promote student voice in a variety of ways over the years. This month I want to feature Kentucky, which has BLOWN UP dramatically over the last year after more than a decade of strong efforts. In my studies and discussions with student voice advocates, […]

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Questions to Evaluate Student Voice

Following are reflection questions focused on student voice and Meaningful Student Involvement. Find resources to challenge these barriers at   Questions to Evaluate Student Voice   Are barriers to student voice and Meaningful Student Involvement being addressed? What steps are taken to ensure that student voice is meaningful? Do students understand the intentions of the process, […]

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Raising Expectations for Students AND Adults

The second aim of Meaningful Student Involvement has very complex implications for every role in every part of the education system. (Learn more about the Aims of Meaningful Student Involvement.) It states: Aim 2: Expand the expectation of every student in every school to become an active and equitable partner throughout education. Traditional roles for […]

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Adults Ignoring Reality

One of the most powerful experiences in my career has been to be part of the emerging Student Voice movement. After rattling around the US and Canada promoting student voice for a decade, in 2012 I heard from several different young people and adults that they were starting campaigns to promote Student Voice. Some of […]

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Getting Clear about Meaningful Student Involvement

Students should be co-learners with adults, and that they should have an ownership over their education. Why Meaningful Student Involvement? This far into the current education reform movement (25+ years) something radically different must be tried, and I stand beside the notion of Meaningful Student Involvement. Young people are already and routinely fixing many other […]