The Voices of Youth in Crisis

Youth in crisis are young people who face imbalanced challenges due to circumstances beyond their control. Through the concern of international, national, state and local governments around the world, the voices of these youth are being engaged like never before. Few people are talking about how that happens though.

Institute for Democratic Education in America

In 2008, I presented at the International Democratic Education Conference, or IDEC, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Facilitating several sessions on the possibilities of democratic education within public school systems, I shared my work on Meaningful Student Involvement and my findings from my work in Washington state’s education community. I was invited to join a conversationContinue reading “Institute for Democratic Education in America”

National PTA

I contracted with the National PTA in 2010 to plan and facilitate a Youth Leadership and Policy Institute. The National PTA contracted with me to design a program focused on engaging high school and college students as education policy advocates. The National PTA Public Policy Team wanted to move students from being the passive recipients ofContinue reading “National PTA”