Privatizing Afterschool, and Privatizing Society

I just read about a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 3498, that will expedite the process of privatizing afterschool activities across the country. This greatly concerns me as a career-long youth worker, as an advocate for nonprofit social services, and as a lowercase “d” democrat. Let me begin by suggesting that inContinue reading “Privatizing Afterschool, and Privatizing Society”

My Review of “The Terror of Neoliberalism”

The Terror of Neoliberalism was written by Henry Giroux. Here is my review for The Freechild Project. Every person who works with young people should know that politics is more than the Democrats or who you are voting for in the next election. Much more. Dozens of people have spent hundreds of hours speaking and thousands ofContinue reading “My Review of “The Terror of Neoliberalism””