Listening to Parental Anxiety

Sitting in a room full of middle school parents, I could hear the anxiety in their voices as they answered the facilitator’s questions. She asked, “What’s wrong with your kids today?” “What do you think your kids are messing up about?” and “Why do you think kids today are so far off-course?” Given the opportunityContinue reading “Listening to Parental Anxiety”

Youth Engagement at Home

Youth engagement starts at home. This post offers some of my thoughts about that reality, as well as steps to ensuring that youth engagement happens in your family. I also share some of the experiences I’ve had with youth engagement at home. Basic Thoughts I’ve started defining the word engagement as choosing the same thing overContinue reading “Youth Engagement at Home”

Supporting Adult Allies of Youth

The other week I heard from Jose*, an innercity high school teacher. He wrote this: For seven years I taught in a pleasant rural school where students were receptive to me and how I teach. I engage students, and work very hard to get them working authentically on projects that matter, empowering them in my classroom andContinue reading “Supporting Adult Allies of Youth”