Rethinking Prevention

Waiting for a young person to fail before engaging them in their own education is a terrible route to finding your voice. Allowing young people to use drugs, letting them drop out of school, watching them tear themselves and their lives apart is messed up. And yet when I talk about reaching youth and connectingContinue reading “Rethinking Prevention”

Young People as Enviable

This is post 2 of 5 exploring popular perceptions of young people today. Marketers have spent more than a half century trying to convince consumers to buy the image of youth being a perfect time, filled with frivolity and carelessness. Literature portrays an idyllic time of life that is airy, unassuming and light. Pop musicContinue reading “Young People as Enviable”

Young People as Inevitable

This is post 1 of 5 exploring popular perceptions of young people today. Over the next few blog entries I’m going to write about what the common motivations are for engaging children and youth. Today I start with seeing young people as inevitable. There’s this idea out there that somehow young people are inevitable andContinue reading “Young People as Inevitable”