Remembering Maya Angelou, Every Single Day

This was the morning the world received the announcement that Dr. Maya Angelou passed away. A larger-than-life yet down-to-earth poet of the people, Dr. Angelou is being mourned today by presidents and generals, rappers and musicians, and by the people, all of us, many of whom struggle to find our voices. I first read Dr. Angelou’s classicContinue reading “Remembering Maya Angelou, Every Single Day”

Today’s Poem: Requim for Antiq

Requim for Antiq The Garvey Projects were never a Sunday walk but parents still strolled through ball shots and beatbox Uneasy rhythms of daily living Laughing, vibrant and full of life Antiq Hennis was a baby a boy in a stroller strolling Livonia Avenue and Bristol Street on the downbeat Brownsville Suddenly, a release triggerContinue reading “Today’s Poem: Requim for Antiq”