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Youth Engagement in Ohio

There are learnings about youth engagement everywhere there are young people, and every learning is different and unique, as well as similar and familiar. For the last few days, I’ve been at Miami University in Ohio learning about youth engagement with adult practitioners here. This is the  at OPEC (Ohio Promoting WEllness & ReCovery) Conference, […]

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The Excitement of Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning has become an essential arrow in the quiver of youth development and education. But are we doing it right? As I present on youth engagement through Project Based Learning, I’m reminded of research I’ve done on youth-driven programming across the country. So often, when they’re leading projects, youth choose to take action […]

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The Freechild Project Youth Political Action Institute

The Freechild Project’s training for youth on politics training is customized to meet the needs of every community we serve. Generally, it includes five areas: Motivation, Knowledge Building, Skills Sharing, Action Planning and Reflection. Each of those areas can cover a variety of issues from a number of perspectives. The length of the training varies […]

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The Rhythm of Engagement

There’s a rhythm of life that calls for each of us to feel and listen to it. Its in the footsteps we take, the handshakes we share, the kisses and hugs, the ways we type and write, and definitely in our breathing. Its the rhythm of engagement. Engagement, which is defined as the sustained connections […]

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Activity: Take A Stand

Take A Stand is an icebreaker that lasts five to twenty minutes. It can be used with any group size, and in order to facilitate it you’ll need a list of topics and signs (see below) TAKE A STAND DIRECTIONS Facilitator Notes This icebreaker works in more ways than one. Not only do you get your group […]

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Presenting at 2013 National Service Learning Conference

I’m going to be presenting at the 2013 National Service Learning Conference with Lois Brewer of Service Learning Seattle/Seattle Public Schools and Shelley Billig from RMC. Our session, called “Linkage Power! Classroom Based and Out-of-School Time Service-Learning Projects”, will be held at the convention center in room 502 on Friday, March 15th from 9am to 10:30. […]

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Essential Questions in Youth Involvement

I’m often asked for answers by folks who want to know exactly what to do. As many of my readers know, I don’t really give answers though. Instead, I’m a critical examiner, constantly asking questions and deconstructing answers that have been given. Following are some essential questions I ask about youth involvement. Step 1: Identify […]

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8 Keys to Sustaining Youth Voice

Sustaining Youth Voice in schools, organizations or communities is complex – but not impossible. Research shows the following 8 keys are central to creating change that lasts in any organization’s climate. Policy– Create and foster systematic and sustainable engagement of Youth Voice. These policies can be community-wide and program-specific. Systems – Create or transform positions […]

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Engagement or Involvement?

I have been talking with teachers and youth workers for the last 10 years about youth involvement. We’ve talked about classrooms, after-school programs, boards of directors, city councils, research projects, university classes… all kinds of different places. Somewhere along the way I was introduced to the notion of engagement as opposed to involvement. I was challenged to […]

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YouthActionNet features Freechild

This from, a program of the International Youth Foundation: The future of any democracy depends on the ability of young people to express their views and take action on issues that matter. What are the core principles that drive authentic youth engagement? How does one measure social change led by and for young people? […]