Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to students as partners in school change

In 2007, I finished a series of booklets introducing my vision for education called “Meaningful Student Involvement”. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of K-12 schools, government education agencies, and learning-focused nonprofits to teach my philosophy. Preparing for a presentation today in Spokane, Washington, for 21st Century Community Learning Center sites from across theContinue reading “Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to students as partners in school change”

Get Loud!

I’ve just finished working on Get Loud! Youth Engagement Workshop Guide. An exciting, hands-on, and effective learning tool, the guide provides 24 workshop outlines for youth workers, teachers, and others who want to engage young people. I wrote it for a variety of audiences with the idea that the workshops can be used in youth programs,Continue reading “Get Loud!”