Reflecting on Rebellion

When I was young, I saw the rebellion of youth on TV and students in my various college classes and national service programs as being a privilege of the wealthy. At that point, I literally thought I couldn’t afford to rebel. Everyone wore the right t-shirts, joined in on doing the right activities and generallyContinue reading “Reflecting on Rebellion”

Leadership from Within

Right now, I am returning to Olympia from a week in São Paulo, Brazil. I was invited there by Lilian Kelian of Programa Jovens Urbanos and her organization, CENPEC. While I was in the city, I facilitated learning activities with many people, workshops, and spoke at a national education conference. Over the next week I am going toContinue reading “Leadership from Within”

Selling Ourselves

Tonight on Facebook, my friend Lilian Kelian shared her sadness about people who relate to each other through interpersonal hegemony. I thought about it a while… Is the growing phenomenon of interpersonal hegemony the deep impact of neoliberalism on our personal and collective psyche? The word hegemony means dominance; interpersonal hegemony is when we try to dominate others withContinue reading “Selling Ourselves”