Tips on How to Survey Real People

Recently, I needed to learn some basic things from a group of people at the outset of a weekend-long training. Specifically, I wanted to find out: How capable they were at self-identifying the problems they faced;  How able they were at identifying root causes;  Whether they could determine what practical resources they needed. To findContinue reading “Tips on How to Survey Real People”

A Tool for Measuring Youth Involvement

The Youth Measure of Involvement for Community Engagement, or Youth MICE model, represents the most powerful possibilities for young people’s involvement around the world. Individuals and organizations can use this model to start thinking about how young people can be infused throughout programs, organizations, and communities.This tool was designed by to foster reflection, consideration, and growthContinue reading “A Tool for Measuring Youth Involvement”

Adults Researching Youth IS NOT Youth Voice

One day your organization decided to create a survey to ask youth what they thought about their communities. You called this a “Youth Voice Project”. However, just because an adult decides something is youth voice doesn’t make it so. While it is true that youth voice is any expression of a young person about anything (Fletcher, 2005),Continue reading “Adults Researching Youth IS NOT Youth Voice”