Wikipedia is Our Friend

More than five years ago I registered on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that anybody can edit. Since then I have created more than 500 articles there, with more than 100 being featured on the front page of the website. I frequently refer to Wikipedia, not as an expert source of information, but as aContinue reading “Wikipedia is Our Friend”

Examples of Students as Decision-Makers in Education

I like to think that my radar is wide. A few years ago my colleagues at Youth On Board in Boston asked me to research the following information, and this morning I decided to share it here. There are descriptions of specific ways that schools can involve students in policy, curriculum, governance, and other aspectsContinue reading “Examples of Students as Decision-Makers in Education”

Engaging the Whole, Entire, 100% Young Person

I often ask groups to explore different parts of the lives of children and youth. “Schools,” “video games,” “home,” “church,” “friends,” “downtown,” “families,” and on they list. Its funny how we conscript young people to the places they belong and the things they do, rather than who they are. There are different activities used inContinue reading “Engaging the Whole, Entire, 100% Young Person”