360° Youth Voice

Schools, homes, city hall, places of worship, police stations, art studios, community centers, theatres, government offices, parks, businesses, gyms, radio stations, colleges, public spaces… These are the places in our neighborhoods that can help us begin to envision a 360° approach to engaging youth voice.  Because of dozens of years of programs and research, to think of engaging children andContinue reading “360° Youth Voice”

Rethinking Prevention

Waiting for a young person to fail before engaging them in their own education is a terrible route to finding your voice. Allowing young people to use drugs, letting them drop out of school, watching them tear themselves and their lives apart is messed up. And yet when I talk about reaching youth and connectingContinue reading “Rethinking Prevention”

When the Truth Isn’t Told

Mike Males is a sociologist and author whose writing has deeply influenced a lot of radical, committed youth workers, myself included. As my own analysis has opened up I’ve continued reading Males, primarily because he keeps digging further into the psyche of adultism in America today. His writing is powerful, as he continuously drills intoContinue reading “When the Truth Isn’t Told”