New Interview

The latest edition of the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory’s Northwest Education magazine features an interview with me about meaningful student involvement. Its called “Students as Partners in Learning: Adam Fletcher Talks about Meaningful Student Involvement,” and its part of an entire (and awesome) issue dedicated to student voice, student ownership and student engagement in schoolsContinue reading “New Interview”

The Simplicity of Engagement

I admit it, I am guilty. For years I’ve been working to over-complicate youth engagement. In my partnerships with some of the leaders in the field of youth engagement we have sought to identify, explore, examine, re-identify, re-explore, and re-examine youth engagement in its parts and particulars. We have been looking for the sophisticated components,Continue reading “The Simplicity of Engagement”

Teaching Youth Civic Engagement

A lot of people are talking about civic engagement these days. Suddenly there is a popular terminology that captures all the energy for service learning, youth voting, community volunteering and other forms of establishing strong connections within and among a broader community. Suddenly there is a way to embody the best intentions and inherent benefitsContinue reading “Teaching Youth Civic Engagement”